WordPress Domain Mapping on Subdirectory

By Illya King. March 17, 2014.

After many hours of trial and error, I’ve successfully installed a WordPress Multisite on a
subdirectory. I have a Multisite on my primary domain with other domains mapped via the WP Domain Mapping plug-in. I wanted to create another network without having to order another hosting account. From what I read installing a Multisite a subdirectory was impossible (especially since I’m on a shared hosing account). However, through perseverance and research, I discovered that it IS possible to install a WordPress Multisite and Domain Map other domains on a shared hosting account.

Here are two links that helped me out-


Both links provided great directions. The Sam Glove blog was the first blog I read where a subdirectory MU install was possible. However, I still had issues. I kept getting either the error 500 or the error 403 forbidden message. As an experiment I created wildcards in the domains I am mapping. I have no clue why this worked but it did.

IllyaKing.com is mapped on my WP multisite King-web.net. I created both *.illyaking.com and *.king-web.net.

NakedManComics.com is installed in a subdirectory on my hosting account. I wanted another domain, TheSchlub.com, mapped to Nakedmancomics.com. The process to mapped the domain was a bit trickier. Per the Sam Glover’s blog, my intended domain needed to be directed to the subdirectory of where the domain was to be mapped.

My hosting account uses cPanel. I used the AddOn option and added the domain TheSchlub.com to /public_html/nakedmancomics.com/. This is the subdirectory where The NakedManComics.com WP MU is located at. The wildcard for TheSchlub.com were set up as /public_html/nakedmancomics.com/. Both my AddOn Domains and my Wildcards have to say the subdirectory where it will be installed at.

Lastly I had to make sure that my .htaccess didn’t contain any extra modifications. Plugins like Better WP Security and Bulletproof security create extra coding for security. Here is a link to what the .htaccess should look like before mapping a domain via WordPress- https://codex.wordpress.org/htaccess

Not having a clean .htaccess prevented me from mapping my domains. I also accidentely used the .htaccess code for a subdirectory install and not a subdomain. It caused me 3 hours of frustration in my domain mapping efforts.

I hope this helps other people trying to map their domains on their WordPress Multisite installs. There is not a lot of information on the net about how to accomplish this.


P.S. There is some issue with the Jetpack plugins and mapped domains. In order for me to adjust the different settings in Jetpack, I have to change the primary domain back to its original address. I don’t know what the bug is. Also, options like my contact forums are a complete mess.


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